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    A family friend, the Comedian, Scatter-Brian-ed

    Title: A family friend, the Comedian, Scatter-Brian-ed (Brian Warrick)

    Date: 05/28/13



    I’m on vacation, thus I was able to fit in two, YES two podcasts in today!  I’ve known Brian for ages it seems like!  Brian has had a desk job just like me over the years “pushing the pencil and growing calluses on our butts”.  He is now pursuing a stand-up comedy career.  He has built up the material over the years and continues to hone his craft.  We sat down for a ~30 minute podcast to discuss his background and where he wants to go and such (with some humor sprinkled here and there).

    Please take a listen and support Brian if he’s in your area (NYC/Albany, NJ).  His website is and has his calendar up to date.

    Thanks for joining us Cooter.  I think I spelled that right.

    Brian Warrick



    PS Some additonal information on Brian:

    With a background spanning low income and public assistance to Graduate School and Corporate America, Brian wryly blends this unique personal history to craft a comedy experience second to none.

    Mr. Warrick performs regularly at venues throughout New York City including Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, The Underground Lounge and New York Comedy Club as well as The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

    In addition to being a novelist in his “spare time”, Brian’s production company “Fatboy Films” is currently developing both a sitcom (“Local Access”) and a game show (“Factuality”).

    Contact info…

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