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    A way to deal with Deer Flies while Mowing

    Title: A way to deal with Deer Flies while Mowing

    Date: 7/9/13

    Evening!  Hope all is well.

    So it was about 4 years ago when I got really sick of dealing with deer flies in my back yard.  I did some searching online and found this article(click here) by Dr. Russell F. Mizell, III, Professor of Entomology.  You can see midway down the page, a trap on a lawn mower.  Well, I made my own contraption to deal with the problem.  A spin on Dr. Mizell’s idea.

    I mowed tonight and caught about 8 deer flies with no bites!



    Take a look at the pictures below.

    • So you spray pain the coffee can royal blue.
    • Then take 1/2″ diameter threaded metal dowel 6′ long (can buy at local hardware store)
    • Attach the metal dowel to the tractor hitch (use washers and double up the nuts to prevent the nuts from getting loose)
    • Use latex gloves to smear the Tree Tangle Foot all over the coffee can (get all over the can).
    • Put coffee can upside down on the dowel
    • Rig the dowel with rope to the tractor seat or as I have it to the accessory holes.
    • Get mowing!


    You can buy Tree Tangle Foot here



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