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    Amazing how we come together – Newtown, CT resident Gregg Baimel

    Title: Amazing how we come together – Newtown, CT resident Gregg Baimel

    Date: 05/29/2013



    Tonight’s podcast guest is Gregg Baimel, my former Director and Manager.  Gregg and I have stayed in close touch over the years.  Whether to talk about football, some Excel stuff, or just catching up.  All in all, we’ve stayed in touch.  Gregg and his family live in  Newtown, CT.  When I heard about what happened in December, I reached right out to him.

    Our podcast talks about Healing Newtown & Ben’s Bells, and how Gregg participated in a music piece named Glorificare (by Samuel R. Hazo).  Please take a listen and share on social media.

    Thank you Gregg for joining us tonight!


    Thank you,


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