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    An Autobiographical View: A Solid Foundation (Part 1)

    Title: An Autobiographical View: A Solid Foundation (Part 1)

    Date: 10/13/2013

    By: Darren R. Weinstock, MBA



    This blog post is about about the foundation to my personal/professional life that my Parents, Wife, Siblings, and close friends helped me to build.  There’s much to be said about family & friends.  There’s good and bad, ups and downs, laughing and crying, annoying and rejoicing, etc.  This post isn’t about that type stuff, rather how I became who I am.


    I was going to write this part last, but figured you may get bored with the length of this post.  I remember a few things that keep on coming back to me over the years.  The first was when I worked at my Dad’s gas station, and some of the customers would just come in and toss their money at me.  I would say to myself, who “the f-ck do you think you are?!”  “Am I below you?”  Am I dirt?.  It’s sorta funny now, cause this has added to who I’m NOT.  I make sure to talk to gas station attendants or the supermarket cashier, etc.  Pretty much anybody.

    The other was when my best-friend and I slept over a kids house (not a close friend of ours mind you).  Honestly I don’t even know why we were sleeping over his house anyways.  And we woke up to his Dad totally screaming at him.  We were both like Whisky Tango Foxtrot is going on.  Very strange.  But it made us both very uncomfortable.  The point is both of our parents were not and ARE NOT screamers or beaters.  They genuinely cared for our well-being and never forced a sport or activity upon us.  They suggested goals or taught us, then supported us.


    Since I like to give  detail (the analyst in me).  This all came to mind between when I was updating my LinkedIn page on Friday and the trip to the gas station earlier today.

    It’s amazing how much stuff I’ve accomplished in my life so far (and I’m not done yet).  But I couldn’t of done it all without a “Solid Foundation” – Family & Friends.  From my Parents signing me up for soccer at age 5,  to Cub Scouts, to Boy Scouts, to Eagle Scout, MBA, working remotely, leading a soccer team, still living in my home-town, etc.  “Solid Foundation” can translated to core values.  The previous activities/achievements all provided me with core values.

    Do you know the old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”? –reviewed here .  Well I have my Mom’s attention to detail & empathy and my Dad’s analytic and jovial personality.  You add on the competitiveness of soccer, the Scout Law (A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.), education, self starting, leadership, and dedication.  You have me.  BTW my Dad would always put and “sometimes hungry” to the Scout Law, annoying our Scout Master.

    I started to learn Lotus 1-2-3 in like 1992, before even Excel!  How?  Why?  Because my Dad owned a small business, and I helped with the books.  He taught me.  Start with the ‘/’.   I’m baffled to learn that some people I run into at work (and elsewhere) don’t know how to use Excel.  This is 2013!  How did you make it through business college?!  Sorry, little rant there.  But it was strange when my Four year old knew how to point and click on a column.  (and I do have proof!).

    Scouts taught me a ton.  My Dad and (little) Brother are also Eagle Scouts.  Not a coincidence I am one, too.  I lead a Troop of 40 scouts to a National Jamboree in 1993.  I only knew about 5-6 scout, this was a great experience in leadership, public speaking, organization, conflict management, etc.  In 1992, we did a Father and Son 50-mile canoe trip down the Delaware Water Gap.

    Like I mentioned in my “What have you been doing?: Darren Weinstock” podcast, it was my Dad that mentioned to me early in my undergraduate years to “hey you should take a look at getting your MBA”.  I decided my college sophomore year to get pursue my MBA.  It was in the MBA program that I met my girlfriend and now Wife, Shelly.

    My Siblings have been there every step of the way.  From being in soccer with me, to helping mow the lawns, painting the house, raking leaves, to just talking, or playing video games.  In no way am I minimizing their part in who I am today.  They are my Siblings! 🙂

    Next post- Marriage and my Professional career.  And what’s to come in the future.


    Thanks for you time!







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