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    Blog Operations: Behind the Scenes

    Title:  Blog Operations: Behind the Scenes

    Date: 10/27/2013

    By: Darren Weinstock


    Evening.  So about 8 months ago I started  Is that important?  Not really, other than it hasn’t felt like long.  I’ve ready numerous books on social media, all pretty good stuff.  This stuff is challenging though!  Like tonight I sat down to write this blog, and I’m like where do I start with this blank canvas?

    Really!  This stuff is not easy, and that is a good thing!  Over the weekend I laid out a plan to post relevant content every day from now to December 31st.  That’s a pretty big (but achievable) plan.  Now not every piece of content is going through the website.  I have a MYRIAD of channels I plan to use. 😉  From the website, to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, iTunes, and the latest that I have focused upon- LinkedIn (many thanks to Sandra Long@Post Road Consulting).   Please do click on the social media links to the left and follow me.  Thanks!

    So the last two blog posts have laid a foundation for me to build upon.  Now is the time to continue the rapport with my friends, followers, circles, etc.  If you are a fellow blogger, then lets team up to build off of each other.  If you are somebody that owns a small business or has a particular interesting hobby, then contact me as I would love to help you share your stories!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!




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