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    Can you live without your Smartphone, not sure if I can!


    Hope all is well!  I start this blog with 2 short stories about how my phones over the years have almost gone kaput, and then follow up with a brief idea I have about a future smartphone functionality.  Have a great night!  Please do feel free to subscribe to my website (<——LEFT column).  Or share with your friends on FB or Retweet via Twitter.  I do appreciate it!


    So today I go outside to mow my lawn (lawn tractor), I plug in my head-phones to my Razr Maxx Smartphone open up TuneIn Radio.  I’m mowing along as all of a sudden the radio cuts out.  I look down and the headphone jack is just hanging down by the wheel, I think oh crap!  I hope I didn’t run it over or worse yet, mow it into oblivion!  I turn off the mower blades and engine, look around and nothing!  Just as my neighbor walks over to ask if I need to borrow his push mower for some small stuff.  I’m like,  “that would be great, but do you have your phone on you”?  He’s says, “yeah, why?” I said, “I think I mowed over my phone”.  He dials the number, and fortunately my phone rings about 10 feet behind where I stopped the mower!  Thank goodness!

    This incident reminded me of another one:

    Now this isn’t the first time that I almost lost my my beloved Smartphone.  About 3 years ago I left my phone on my trunk.  Well I didn’t know where it went.  I was looking everywhere for it.  Nothing.  Then I got a knock at my door, a lady and her daughter said, “is this yours?”  I said, “yes, where did you find it? THANK YOU!”  Well long story short, the phone was in the middle of an intersection up the road from my house.  The daughter thought it was a iPod, so they stopped and picked it up. (Palm Tre Pro).  She turns it on and see’s my name (not the address).  Turns out that they were at my house the Fall before for a house tour and knew my last name.  So there’s no way this one could be made up.  They put two and two together and bingo, my phone is back.

    From the technology standpoint the smartphone is great, but it can find it’s own legs and try to make a getaway!  I treat my phone as a Swiss-Army Knife.  I do almost everything with it.  I honestly believe at one point in time in the near future, weather stations will CrowdSource the weather (temperature, pressure, etc).  It’s an easy concept, because the technology is there to determine if you are inside or outside.  Or, you can just program it to do a difference off of the average or other phones.  Talking about pinpoint weather vs. zip code level!  Add that to your list of weather apps!  Very similar to the concept of density mapping.  Obviously the phones don’t have this yet (to my knowledge)


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