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    Cat Mat

    This is an idea for a product that I had back in 2003.  We were living at my Parent’s house while we were having our house built.  This one morning I woke up and stepped in some kitty litter that fell of our cat’s paws.  An idea came to me, the Cat Mat!  Basically it’s a box about 3-4 inches  high with a wire mesh over it (1/2″ grid wire mesh).  The kitty litter falls into the box when the cat leaves the litter box, boom no litter on your floors.  I’ve been using my cat mat for about 9 years now, it’s not PERFECT but it does work.  I once pursued looking for a manufacturer and also contacted one of those quirky commercials call in.  All in all, if you have the time to make one go ahead.  By the way, I do have it in writing that this is my idea 🙂

    These are pictures of the original Cat Mat.  I need to get a picture of my current one.


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