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    Potty Training 101


    Some of the feedback I’ve received is that my site is a bit to “male” focused. So over the past few weeks I’ve thought about how to put a “female” spin on things. Being a male myself, nothing really came to mind. Please note that I did add “female” to my tag, and we’ll […]

    Video Tutorial #4 – Back up your Hard Drive

    This video shows you how to use Microsoft SyncToy to backup your computer’s hard-drive to other hard-drives (internal/external). Lee showed me this nice little tool a few years ago.

    (In memory of Lee Finch).


    Smartphone Grocery Shopping App

    Evening. Some of you know about my idea for a shopping list that you can use on your smart phone. Well my idea came to me about 2 years ago. I bought some Android books and started to learn how to program. Made some really good progress, until I hit a few bumps. Shared my […]

    Glow n Flow

    This idea is rather unique. The idea came to me while watching one of those commercials for the “push-lights” where the old lady finds her way in the dark. Well as corny/weird as this sounds, I came up with the idea of taking little pieces of luminescent tape (the type that is used in photography […]

    Cat Mat

    This is an idea for a product that I had back in 2003. We were living at my Parent’s house while we were having our house built. This one morning I woke up and stepped in some kitty litter that fell of our cat’s paws. An idea came to me, the Cat Mat! Basically it’s […]

    Subscriptions set up

    Evening. Added a subscription plugin. Like I said stay tuned, I’m new to this so I’ll try to minimize the bumps in the road.

    Random tip

    If you are changing your own tires, use a shovel to help lift the tire up on the bolts. It works as a “lever”, saves your back!