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    It’s School Board election time. Who is Laura Heeter?

    Title: It’s School Board election time… Who is Laura Heeter?

    Date: 5/19/13



    What a beautiful day in Hamburg! Today’s podcast guest is Laura Heeter, candidate for Hamburg School Board. I have known Laura’s husband, Shawn, for a number of years from soccer. Yes, another linkage to my favorite sport!

    Regardless, please listen while […]

    Around Town – Hamburg 5-11-2013

    Title: Around Town – Hamburg 5-11-2013

    Date: 5/11/13


    Today’s podcast guest is our regular guest, Dan Meyer. We discuss what is going on “Around Town” in Hamburg. Some pretty good stuff is going on! If you are from Hamburg or currently live in Hamburg, then please take a listen.

    Hope all is well and […]

    We may just be launching the first podcast channel in Hamburg! We’ll see where we go with this one.


    Tonight’s podcast guest is with Dan Meyer, a friend since Junior High School. We’ve stayed in touch over the years through street hockey, common friends, or just Social Media. This is an introductory podcast where we give an overview of possible future topics. Open ended discussion that includes technology, media, and some of our […]

    The Missing W2

    Evening. Last winter/early spring my Mom called me to say when she was out front gardening she found a W2 and didn’t know what to do with it.

    So I asked her, “what company?”

    My Mom replied, “Dupont”.

    “Oh I know somebody that works there, one of the guys I play soccer with. I’ll give […]


    My Village/Town for more than 30 years.