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    Can’t Make this one up! Wedding story.

    Title: Can’t Make this one up! Wedding story.

    Date: 9/7/13



    So my Wife (Fiance at the time) and I met with the Reverend that presided over our Wedding ceremony plans (Note, I’ve known him since I was a Cub Scout). So, I was giving him directions from our home town to the ski […]

    Not so baffled squirrel

    Title: Not so baffled squirrel

    Date: 6/2/2013



    I took this video yesterday on my phone. A squirrel got caught out in a thunderstorm and decided to take shelter under our squirrel baffle. Not only that, the squirrel was smart enough to be on the East side (storms from the West). I know the […]

    Can you live without your Smartphone, not sure if I can!


    Hope all is well! I start this blog with 2 short stories about how my phones over the years have almost gone kaput, and then follow up with a brief idea I have about a future smartphone functionality. Have a great night! Please do feel free to subscribe to my website (<——LEFT column). Or […]

    I thought I got away.


    A quick blog post. So we were on vacation last week in Phoenix. When I ordered room service, the hotel employee answered with the same name as my Mother in Law. I said to my Wife, “You won’t believe the lady that just took our order has the same name as your Mom”. We […]

    The Missing W2

    Evening. Last winter/early spring my Mom called me to say when she was out front gardening she found a W2 and didn’t know what to do with it.

    So I asked her, “what company?”

    My Mom replied, “Dupont”.

    “Oh I know somebody that works there, one of the guys I play soccer with. I’ll give […]

    LIVE NUDES! (G-Rated)

    Evening. This is a rather funny post. So from time to time our home theater receiver turns on in the middle of the night with blaring music. This one night it woke us up, and I was sleeping through it. I got a nudge from my Wife to go check it out. So I go […]


    Some quick humor… well about 10-15 years ago my Dad said to me, “hey Darren why don’t you become a Proctologist” (no idea why he would ever suggest this)… My quick reply, “Dad, why would I want to do that when I’ve been looking at assholes my entire life”. We dropped the subject, but he […]

    Breakfast While Driving

    My Wife saw a lady driving on the 219 while eating a bowl of cereal this morning . The lady wasn’t driving too well, all over the road. Nice.


    Ok…so when my Wife and went to India for a wedding …we were on our way back to the airport…well some workers were rioting or striking…the police detoured the traffic down some back street (alley)…Note, we had a driver from our friend’s family… we turn down this ally and TWO water buffalo were standing there, […]