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    Wondering what is new @Myriad Of Ideas?


    Well the weekend is coming to a close. I thought about doing a video tutorial, but my Wife is using my office. So we’re going to go with a Plan B. A quick overview in a blog post.

    I’ve added a few new categories to the website.

    The new categories (along the top) are:


    New Twitter Account

    Morning. I created a Twitter Account to announce new blog, video tutorials, and podcast posts. Please feel free to follow me @myriad_of_ideas.

    YouTube videos added

    Evening everybody.

    I’ve converted the two Spreadsheet videos to YouTube and embedded them into the website pages. So if you had any issues view them, now you should be able to watch. One thing I do recommend is to to click, view full screen. Please feel free to share with your coworkers, family and friends!


    Feedback Survey is Here now!

    Well it’s been a week since the first post on The analyst in me wants to know how you like the site and a couple other important things. Please take a quick moment to fill out my survey. Thanks!


    Take the survey!

    First post

    Well i spent most of the day building this site hope you like it. More to go, but it’s a start.