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    Communication is a two way street.

    Title: Communication is a two way street.

    Date:  8/21/13



    Hope all is well.  I’m working on some pretty exciting stuff for  From an eBook, to a contestant on a well-known TV show, and starting up a Parenting Podcast series with Erica Lell Snipes.  Actually, Erica and I  will have our first guest very soon.  If not this week, then next!  Stay tuned!

    This blog post is around the idea that communication is a two-way street.  Being that you send a communication and you receive a reply.  In some cases, you don’t receive a reply.  Thus, I have started to wonder if it’s worth sending the communication in the first place.  One of my best friends replied to me once, “you know, you could pick up the phone too.”, when I razzed him about hey it’s been a long time since we talked.  So it takes effort!

    With today’s technology,  the house phone, the cell phone, instant messenger, Facebook messenger, texting, email, etc. It’s almost like we’ve hit the threshold of how to communicate or give the common courtesy of a reply.  I’ve had this happen in both my personal and professional life, and it makes me wonder can that person be really “THAT BUSY”.  I consider myself to be a busy person, but nobody is “THAT BUSY”.  If you aren’t saving somebodies life, fighting for our Country, or something of that scenario, then you don’t have an excuse.

    I was on a conference call for work the other day, and we were talking about how our handwriting is horrible.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you received a note in the mail (yes snail mail).  Or, even left a loved one a note?  Those are the simple things in life, that mean more than some stupid store-bought card.

    I guess my overall point here is that life is too short, and don’t forget to keep communicating with the ones that are close to you or you are dependent upon to do your job.

    I plan to visit a friend and his parents soon, whom I had lost touch with for a long time (close to 15 years).  He made the effort to visit my family when my Grandfather passed away.  Things like that tell you the strength of the friendship.  Oh and when you get married or have kids, don’t forget that your friends still exist.

    I think it is really cool that you can pick up a friendship where it left off after years.  Like my buddy Cory, out in California, that woke up TWICE to record a podcast with me at 5am nonetheless!

    So reply to the communications you receive, somebody took the effort to reach out to you.  Even if you are having a super busy day, you have 15 seconds to reply back.  The coworkers/friends that reply back (no matter how busy they are) are the ones that matter the most.  The others, take score and put them aside.  They are not worth your time.
    Thanks for your time and stay tuned!


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