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    Feedback Survey is Here now!

    Well it’s been a week since the first post on  The analyst in me wants to know how you like the site and a couple other important things.  Please take a quick moment to fill out my survey.  Thanks!


    Take the survey!

    2 comments to Feedback Survey is Here now!

    • Your Website is an amazing tool. An opportunity not only to reach out to friends and family,but to make new friends. The Applications are great,and all the pages are really wonderful. My problem~ i run a page~ im an animal advocate. I share dogs on death row! 3-4 million dogs die each year due to no advertisement, uneducated people, and people who just don’t understand what to do. I use my page to help these dogs and to educate people all around the world. My page made over 1000 fans in 4 months. Your website has begun disrupting the sharing process. I have been banned from sharing 2ce now for shring to fast? You gave me a speeding ticket if you will????! Why? You should be so very proud of what Facebook has acomplished not only with animal rights but 100’s of other areas~~~ Please consider leaving these pages alone~~ if anything updateing our ability to share,tag, comment, post ect…. Please be more helpful.

      • Darren

        Morning. Sorry for the delay in response to your comment. Not exactly sure how I am affecting your website. Sounds strange. Regardless, I made a change after some careful thought, whereas I am not “auto-posting” to my personal Facebook account. I did set up a Twitter account, and will be posting to my Facebook account on less frequent basis. This will allow for people interested in my website to see my recent posts (if they did not subscribe for emails). Hope this helps you effort.

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