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    First Podcast – A 3 minute overview and I answer why a Podcast?

    Evening everybody.  This is my first podcast!  Completely unedited and bare-bones.  Take a listen, I think you will be interested in what is to come.  I created this just tonight and I am looking for anybody that wants to record a session with me on any subject.  We just shoot the breeze for 15-30 mins and we get to have fun and share our thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

    If you own a business I am also interested in helping you market your business for free via the podcasts!  I am interested in what you have to offer and how you got to where you are now!

    One thing I will be adding over the weekend is connectivity to iTunes.  Stay tuned!



    8 comments to First Podcast – A 3 minute overview and I answer why a Podcast?

    • Joe Bauer

      Hi Darren,

      Neat idea. I like your thought about preserving an ‘oral history’ of stories about your grandfather as a milkman. Something like that for people in the ‘modern world’ is right out of Norman Rockwell (see Couple with Milkman from the Saturday Evening Post from March 9th, 1935) which might place it in about the right time period for your grandfather. (

      You didn’t mention ‘soccer players’ in your list of the kinds of people you know. Also, the Podcast froze and would not play beyond 1:30 for me.


      • Darren

        Do me a favor Joe and retry the podcast. I haven’t had any other people telling me that they have had the same issue. For some reason your post was put in my SPAM folder (probably the link). If you are interested I’d like to have you on the podcast as a guest. As simple as a phone call. Hope all is well!

    • Stephanie Beck

      I loved hearing your overview of podcast. You know I am a computer illiterate so I will need your guidance to do this. I will happily tell you about our family history. I know that you want to hear Pop Pop stories and I will certainly tell you those.You mentioned Skype – would the person be seen as well as heard? Also is there a way to transcribe the voice into written word? I am in the process of taking my scattered notes and put them together. The narrative is the next part of my project. Wish you great luck with all of this. So proud of you. Aunt Stephanie

      • Darren

        Just heard. just as simple as a regular Skype call…I have a recording program on my side. Will need to figure out where to get a program that take dictation to text. Think Dragon Software, but probably costs $$$.

    • Stephanie Beck

      I will also check out where to get a dictation to text software program. It would be so helpful to me.I have so much information that I’ve gathered over the past 35 years. I need a way to save and share it with the family.

    • I love this. I love how we can all come together and share our ideas. This is a good place for that. You mention skype but can you do this through the IPhone through Facetime as well.

      Keep up the good work Darren and thanks for the great information.

      Lisa 🙂

    • Dan Meyer

      Nice work Darren! Podcasts are a great way to get a message out and share thoughts/ideas/stories.

      I would like to record an “episode” with you sometime on a few different subjects.

      I am not on Facebook but I am on LinkedIn and on Twitter (@MeyersMusings)

      Get it touch with me soon. Thanks…

    • This is so cool! I love that you put you are willing to share your knowledge with us all and that you will also include the expertise of others! What a great idea to have your family history recorded in your voice so Robert and Lily will have it for their kids! I would love to be a part of this and share my expertise as well! *O*

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