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    Game plan for this week.


    This is more of an informational post than anything.

    • This week will include the beginning of a series of my High School Classmate’s podcasts.  Next summer will be our 20th reunion, so one of my classmate’s and I talked about how it would be interesting to do a series on what each one of us has done in the last 20 years.
    • KC from KC Smokeshack Band-BBQ will be joining us for the monthly BBQ podcast (please send in your questions to the  Contact Us, email,  or on FB private messaging).  Your questions can be anything from preparation, to grilling through to smoking.  Basically, if it is a meat and you cook it, we’ll take the question.
    • Dan Meyer will be joining us to talk technology and “Around Town”


    Note, I purposely didn’t put dates down as things are subject to change.  But we are shooting for Tues-Wed-Thursday for the podcasts.

    My Family Podcast will resume this week after a brief hiatus with me being on vacation and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    Please share through Twitter and Facebook.  Spread the word!  Thanks!


    See you soon!




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