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    Life Is Too Short


    Hope you have had a good summer so far.  So we’ve all heard that cliché, “Life is too short”.  Well it’s true.  Over the course of the past few months it’s hit me square in the forehead.

    • We went to visit my Wife’s ailing Grandfather. He was sleeping when we got there, so we sat for a bit.  Then I woke him up.  Within a few minutes he fell back to sleep.  Many of you have probably been there before, do you stay or leave?  I woke him up again, and said “we’re going to get going”.  He said quietly, “what’s the rush?”.  We ended up staying for about an hour.  A week later he passed away.  Moral of the story, “Life is too Short”.  Don’t rush through life.
    • About 2 weeks ago was my 20th High School Reunion.  Last year about this time, I volunteered to be on the planning committee. I know, nobody should ever volunteer for something.  🙂 That was an experience in of itself.  Well the 3 day event went off without a hitch.  What I learned from it all is the people who were assholes pretty much stayed assholes.  And, that your friends change.  The people who you “thought” were your friends, are really acquaintances and nothing more.  It takes an effort from both sides to keep that friendship going.  Life is too short to be selfish.
    • Over last 6-8 years my childhood friend and I got back in touch.  On St Patrick’s Day his father, after a long fight, succumbed to prostate cancer.  Knowing that he isn’t on Facebook or other social media I sent an email to a few of our friends.  Not one of them replied with a thanks for a heads up or anything.  I do not believe they even reached out to our friend.  Life is too short to take the 30 secs to reply to an email/text.

    So this post may sound like I’m pissed at some people.  In reality it is around the fact that “Life is too Short”. There is no reason with technology these days, that a simple thanks or acknowledgement would suffice.

    I really haven’t written many blog entries as I have been beyond swamped at my day job since December.  I have also reverted the focus of Myriad Of Ideas back to a blog/podcast site for me.  I tried the commercializing site, and found that the reason why I started it was for fun and to voice my ideas and opinions.  Along with other’s thoughts, opinions, etc.

    So look for more  frequent posts.  From a 3 liner to a few paragraph post.  Also I challenge you to reply or get involved.


    Thanks for you time,




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