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    LIVE NUDES! (G-Rated)

    Evening.  This is a rather funny post.  So from time to time our home theater receiver turns on in the middle of the night with blaring music.  This one night it woke us up, and I was sleeping through it. I got a nudge from my Wife to go check it out.  So I go downstairs turned it off, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a glow from the basement.  Talking about freaky.  What the heck is glowing in the basement, my hair on the back of my neck was up!  So half awake I go down the stairs, and our neon light on our bar was on- “Live Nudes” (background: My Wife bought the light as a joke for the sports bar theme we have down there).  Mind you the light was on a surge protector.  Strange happenings.

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