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    Looking to buy or sell your house in Western New York?

    Title: Looking to buy or sell your house in Western New York?

    Date: 5/12/13



    Tonight’s podcast guest is Heidi Delnuovo, Agent of Nichol City Realty, LLC.   I have known Heidi since my childhood, as she’s good friends with my Brother.  We discuss what a Real Estate Agent is, what it involves, and the MLS system.  If you are ever looking to sell your house in WNY or anywhere in New York State, then Heidi is a very good person to reach out to and hire as your Real Estate Agent.  Here is her Facebook page, click here (it will open in a new page, so you can both listen to the podcast and view her FB page.

    Please take a listen and share with your friends and family.

    Thank you,



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