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    Memorial Day – Lest we forget – with Mark Bernas

    Title: Memorial Day – Lest we forget  – with Mark Bernas

    Date: 5/26/13



    Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  I was reflecting back on how I have spent Memorial Day since I was like 8 years old.  Each an every year, I would march in the parade and attend the Memorial Day ceremony at Memorial Park in the Village of Hamburg.  Although I never served in the Armed Forces, I always knew that it is important to reflect on what our Veterans have given for us to have and keep our freedom.

    So while I was looking on Facebook this morning I noticed Mark Bernas’ tribute to his fallen Marines and Corpsmen.  So on a whim I figured I’d reach out to Mark to see if he’d do a brief podcast.  Mark was “up for it” , so we jumped on the phone and recorded this…  please take a moment to listen.  I apologize for the brief technical glitch during the recording, however the point of this is reflect on Memorial Day (so please ignore it) 🙂 .

    Thank you very much Mark for your time today and THANK YOU FOR SERVING!


    PS No podcast tomorrow.



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