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    My opinion on the BSA decision

    Title:  My opinion on the BSA decision

    Date: 5/24/2013


    I was going to Tweet something about the most recent news on that the BSA is going to “let” openly gay boys into Scouts.  However, 140 characters wouldn’t do the topic justice!  My opinion isn’t about whether they should or shouldn’t let openly gay boys in to Scouts, rather how sad it is that it is even a topic of discussion.  Let alone that gay leaders are banned.

    Some background on me:

    I am an Eagle Scout with a Bronze Palm (the highest rank of Scouting) and the Bronze Palm means that I earned 5 additional Merit Badges.  I was in Scouting from say age 7? until I was 18 (the oldest you can be, unless you move on to Explorers or adult-leadership).  I was the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 1342 (one of two Western New York York Troops) to the National Jamboree 1993 at Ft AP Hill.  My “home” Troop was Troop 525 out of Hamburg, NY.


    Scouting is about training boys to become multi-talented men through achievement of merit badges and experiences (and to have fun while Scouting).  It is today’s media and society that promotes being openly gay.  Just be your self.  I’m really not sure why people always have to put “TAGS” /labels on each other.  When I was in Scouts and even in Junior/Senior High School, I didn’t know who was gay or not.  Nor did I really care.  It wasn’t even on my radar.  Maybe I’m becoming that old ornery guy.   But REALLY, what 13-18 year old boy really knows if he’s gay or not.  Who cares.   I can fathom a guess, the media, the scared parent, and the uneducated.

    Don’t dilute the purpose of Scouting (in my book), to learn, grow, experience, & to be accepting and respect others.   I think I made my point.  Lastly, I think the fact that gay leaders are banned is absurd.  Gay DOES NOT EQUAL child molester.  That’s my opinion and lets not confuse the two.

    Thank you for your  time!



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