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    My Uncle was friends with Colin Powell in ROTC

    Title: My Uncle Marvin was friends with Colin Powell in ROTC

    Date: 5/31/13



    With this past Monday being Memorial Day, it is fitting that I talk with my Uncle Marvin (Captain, US Army (Ret.)).  Uncle Marvin talks about ROTC, a little about Colin Powell, the US Army, and his first task in the Army.  Please take a listen. My Uncle will be a regular podcast guest.  Our plans are to talk about the US Army and his civilian life in the corporate world.  Very, very interesting stuff.  At least I think it’s very interesting, so I think you will too!

    Please feel free to share.




    This was the day he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in August 1958. He is 3rd from the left wearing glasses. (click on image to zoom)


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