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    Potty Training 101


    Some of the feedback I’ve received is that my site is a bit to “male” focused.  So over the past few weeks I’ve thought about how to put a “female” spin on things.  Being a male myself, nothing really came to mind.  Please note that I did add “female” to my tag, and we’ll use that to track my “female” oriented posts. However, this idea I am going to post about uses the theory my buddy, and coworker Jesse suggested (with a little spin on it).  Jesse suggested that I use Cheerios for our Son to “shoot” while standing.  Makes complete sense, however I didn’t see the link between water and Cheerios.  Other than the fact that it gives our Son something to shoot at.   So this one day last week, I came up with the idea of Pepper Ridge Farm’s goldfish crackers.  Fish swim, they like water.  So poof!  I put a few goldfish in and told our Son to “feed” the fish with his pee.  Works like a charm!  This has probably been done before, I’m not professing to be a SUPER DAD/PARENT.  I actually can’t stand parents that think they know everything.  I can go on about that topic, but I wont.  By the way, I just noticed that this entire post is one paragraph and I really don’t care.  It’s the thought (idea) that counts.

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