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    Refreshed from vacation and now back to it!


    Hope all is well!  So I was going to write a blog about “where were you when xyz event happened”, however I thought it wasn’t a good time to publish it.  My first instinct was to talk about how many people know exactly what they were doing during an event, but for some reason can’t remember what they wore last Tuesday.  🙂

    My Wife and I went to Phoenix, my Wife had a User Conference and I took a few days off for a vacation.  The weather was great there!  But I still like Buffalo for various reasons (I can deal without the humidity up here though).  While I was in Phoenix I met some good people, one of which may be a guest on my podcast!  Pretty neat huh!

    So I finished a book on Social Media named Content Rules.  Had some good takeaways!  Including ways to measure success.  Which can be a tricky topic.  Another interesting part of the book mentioned a person that one of my ex-managers knows and works with at Kodak!  Small world to say the least!

    So Myriad Of Ideas has a couple things going on from the podcast perspective.  Whereas next summer will be my 20th High School reunion and I put out to our Facebook group that I would be willing to create a podcast channel to do interviews on what people have been doing in the last 20 years.  So far I have 5 definite guests.  Note, I do have a couple overlaps with our current guests, so that number is really like 6-7.  Tiny for now, but I”m sure it will grow after people see what it’s all about.

    What’s to come.  I’m working on creating a page to list the podcasts by week.  Probably won’t do it by day, as things may shift due to schedule conflicts.  Remember I’m doing this for fun, so we’re at the mercy of when we can fit things in.  Otherwise, I become tied to a schedule and this becomes work vs fun.  So that’s all for today’s quick blog.

    Have a good one!


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