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    Round and Round we may go!

    Title:  Round and Round we may go!

    Date: 7/25/13


    Evening.  I’ve been reading up on Google Hangouts, and it looks really interesting!  Basically it’s a multi-person Skype session that you can record and post to YouTube.   I plan on doing a round-table structure, where we set up a topic and have people join the discussion.  We can even do a screenshare!  I’m sure the first few may be totally unstructured, but we’ll see!

    What you need to join a Google Hangout:

    • a Google account (gmail, google+)
    • speakers (preferably a headset)
    • microphone (preferably via the headset)
    • webcam
    • a personality 🙂

    Google has some decent reading on this click here.  It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or Apple device!  That is the cool part!  Obviously you can use your laptop or desktop, too!  You DON’T have to have a GOOGLE+ account, you can enter right from gmail is what I’ve read.  We’ll see, this is what’s cool about technology… jump right in.. especially when it’s FREE!

    Look for a post coming soon with the first scheduled Hangout!
    Have a great night!

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