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    Sight and Sound. Ryan Meissner graphic designer and Musician.

    Title: Sight and Sound. Ryan Meissner graphic designer and musician.

    Date: 05/15/2013


    Morning!  Today’s podcast guest is Ryan Meissner graphic designer and musician.  Ryan, his Dad Jeff, and I have been playing soccer together for the past say 5 years.  Ryan tells us his story about moving out to Los Angeles to pursue his graphic designer career (check out the website of interest page for his website).  Not only is Ryan a graphic designer, he is a talented musician that has a recording contract.  He is working on his first album that is slated to come out this year.  He has been gracious enough to give us a song to post (not from his current album project).  Please take a listen to the podcast and his song, “My song for you”.

    Thank you Ryan for joining us today!




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