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    Smartphone Grocery Shopping App

    Evening. Some of you know about my idea for a shopping list that you can use on your smart phone.  Well my idea came to me about 2 years ago.  I bought some Android books and started to learn how to program.  Made some really good progress, until I hit a few bumps.  Shared my idea with one software programmer that I play soccer with on Monday’s.  We weren’t able to get any further due to time.  Then a few weeks/months later, I carpooled with another guy to soccer.  We were talking and it turned out he is a Java programmer for a MAJOR parcel/shipping company.  Figured, what a coincidence.. this guy is the answer… We met that weekend, then I gave him time to learn the tool that you program in for Android.  Well nothing came of it.  Then the last guy, was one of my MBA friends who is a web designer.  He came to met us after we had our baby and I learned that he recently started doing apps for the Ipad/Iphone.  Figured, finally the solution to the app!  Well mind you, this is roughly 2 years after my initial idea (btw I did check for competitors in the market/small stuff.. nothing that was near my idea).  So I met my MBA friend at his office, he said, ” let’s check the Apple store”.  SURE enough, GroceryIQ was there… and FREE.  There goes my idea down the drain.  not only is it free, it’s by a major player-  Pretty much does everything I wanted my app to do… So all in all, act fast on your idea and hopefully find the right resources.  I do have some really good Android books if you want to learn smartphone programming?!  ha ha

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