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    Video Tutorial Podcast – Pivot Tables are not that Hard!

    Title: Video Tutorial Podcast – Pivot Tables are not that Hard!

    Date: 5/10/2013



    I used Excel 2013 and some of my Google Analytics to show how you can quickly summarize data into a presentable format. Take a look, I’ll show you how to “fish” with Pivot Tables! Have a good one! And please […]

    Ever wonder how to filter data?


    Today’s video tutorial is how to filter on data within Excel. I’ll show some do’s and don’ts, as well as how you can leverage a filter to your advantage. It’s simple, so sit back and relax.

    Have a good day!





    Ideas for the Next Excel Video Tutorial

    Evening. I’m planning on doing a video tutorial on If and Nested-If Statements, however does anybody have a suggestion for a different topic? Pivot tables? Using Pivot tables to group data, and then vlookup that data back to the raw data?

    Example 3 – The VLOOKUP

    A quick 14 minute Tutorial on how to use VLOOKUPs and how to get around the “bumps” in the road.

    You can watch this Full Screen and at the HD setting (to make it more clear), just change your settings on the Video player.



    Example 2 – Excel String Functions

    Have you ever wondered how to clean, parse, concatenate, or create data from data? Well here’s how you can do it with Excel string functions. A very quick 7 1/2 minute video. Enjoy.






    Excel Hard Return and Sort Example

    This recorded screen share demonstrates a hard return and why not to do one AND a Sort example of columns. The video is 8 minutes long since it covers two topics. Future videos will be less than 5 minutes long. I haven’t delved into YouTube too much, so for now these videos will be hosted […]


    So you are probably used to sorting columns in Excel. If you have Excel 2010, then you can sort by rows… very helpful in some circumstances when you want to reorder columns by alphabetical or numerical order (and its data).

    Hard Returns – Don’t Do it

    If you ever enter data into a database or spreadsheet do not do a hard-return (aka carriage return). If you are entering data and hit “alt-Enter” you are creating hard-returns. Instead use the formatting function of “wrap text” to make your spreadsheet “pretty”.