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    A family friend, the Comedian, Scatter-Brian-ed

    Title: A family friend, the Comedian, Scatter-Brian-ed (Brian Warrick)

    Date: 05/28/13



    I’m on vacation, thus I was able to fit in two, YES two podcasts in today! I’ve known Brian for ages it seems like! Brian has had a desk job just like me over the years “pushing the pencil and growing calluses […]

    Ever wonder what your Name Means?

    Today’s podcast is around the origin of Jewish surnames and a bit about first names. So it is true that my last name has something to do with the “vine”. Enjoy!


    After listening to the podcast, look up the meaning of your Name CLICK HERE or your Jewish Name CLICK HERE

    My Genealogy (if you don’t know what that is, it’s my family history :) )


    This is the first of many! Aunt Stephanie and I are going to review my family’s history on back to Europe. This will serve as a record for me to share with my family now and in the future. Please feel free to listen, you may want to do the same some day! Life […]

    New Podcast Channel will Arrive Soon


    This podcast is about what is to come in the next week or so. It also includes a brief discussion on my Pet peeves. 🙂 Lastly, I talk about how you can support the site. I don’t plan on harping on how you can support the site, so don’t worry I’m not going to […]