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    To get you thinking

    Title: To get you thinking

    Date: 8/2/13



    Ever wonder if you knew somebody that could answer your question(s)? Whether it be something about parenting, computers in general, computer applications (Excel/Access/Word, etc), camping, soccer, life in general, relationships, etc.

    I go about life, it seems, answering people’s questions. May seem strange (and a deep […]

    A way to deal with Deer Flies while Mowing

    Title: A way to deal with Deer Flies while Mowing

    Date: 7/9/13

    Evening! Hope all is well.

    So it was about 4 years ago when I got really sick of dealing with deer flies in my back yard. I did some searching online and found this article(click here) by Dr. Russell F. Mizell, III, Professor […]

    Can you live without your Smartphone, not sure if I can!


    Hope all is well! I start this blog with 2 short stories about how my phones over the years have almost gone kaput, and then follow up with a brief idea I have about a future smartphone functionality. Have a great night! Please do feel free to subscribe to my website (<——LEFT column). Or […]

    Will there be a time without cashiers?


    This idea came to me a couple years ago. I’m not exactly sure of the steps that came to mind. Whether it was when I was working on a “market basket” analysis (products that are bought together analysis) or just shopping in the supermarket. But here it goes!

    I linked the UPC code (the […]