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    To get you thinking

    Title: To get you thinking

    Date: 8/2/13



    Ever wonder if you knew somebody that could answer your question(s)? Whether it be something about parenting, computers in general, computer applications (Excel/Access/Word, etc), camping, soccer, life in general, relationships, etc.

    I go about life, it seems, answering people’s questions. May seem strange (and a deep […]

    Game plan for this week.


    This is more of an informational post than anything.

    This week will include the beginning of a series of my High School Classmate’s podcasts. Next summer will be our 20th reunion, so one of my classmate’s and I talked about how it would be interesting to do a series on what each one of […]

    Refreshed from vacation and now back to it!


    Hope all is well! So I was going to write a blog about “where were you when xyz event happened”, however I thought it wasn’t a good time to publish it. My first instinct was to talk about how many people know exactly what they were doing during an event, but for some reason […]