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    Communication is a two way street.

    Title: Communication is a two way street.

    Date: 8/21/13



    Hope all is well. I’m working on some pretty exciting stuff for From an eBook, to a contestant on a well-known TV show, and starting up a Parenting Podcast series with Erica Lell Snipes. Actually, Erica and I will have our first guest […]

    Can you live without your Smartphone, not sure if I can!


    Hope all is well! I start this blog with 2 short stories about how my phones over the years have almost gone kaput, and then follow up with a brief idea I have about a future smartphone functionality. Have a great night! Please do feel free to subscribe to my website (<——LEFT column). Or […]

    We may just be launching the first podcast channel in Hamburg! We’ll see where we go with this one.


    Tonight’s podcast guest is with Dan Meyer, a friend since Junior High School. We’ve stayed in touch over the years through street hockey, common friends, or just Social Media. This is an introductory podcast where we give an overview of possible future topics. Open ended discussion that includes technology, media, and some of our […]