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    Game plan for this week, April 28th

    What’s to come: Game plan for this week, April 28th

    Morning! Hope all is well!

    Well you probably know by now that I started a Sunday blog called “Game plan for this week” that will contain a quick discussion and what I plan on doing with for the week. Novel idea. 🙂 For some […]

    What do you think about today’s media coverage?


    Today’s podcast guest is Dan Meyer, our Technology and “Around Town” guru. Please take a listen, as we discuss the Boston Bombing media coverage & the NFL Draft and how technology is both spreading both truth and falsehoods. Dan has some good opinions, which you may or may not agree with. But, I do […]

    Will there be a time without cashiers?


    This idea came to me a couple years ago. I’m not exactly sure of the steps that came to mind. Whether it was when I was working on a “market basket” analysis (products that are bought together analysis) or just shopping in the supermarket. But here it goes!

    I linked the UPC code (the […]