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    YouTube videos added

    Evening everybody.

    I’ve converted the two Spreadsheet videos to YouTube and embedded them into the website pages. So if you had any issues view them, now you should be able to watch. One thing I do recommend is to to click, view full screen. Please feel free to share with your coworkers, family and friends!


    Example 2 – Excel String Functions

    Have you ever wondered how to clean, parse, concatenate, or create data from data? Well here’s how you can do it with Excel string functions. A very quick 7 1/2 minute video. Enjoy.






    Excel Hard Return and Sort Example

    This recorded screen share demonstrates a hard return and why not to do one AND a Sort example of columns. The video is 8 minutes long since it covers two topics. Future videos will be less than 5 minutes long. I haven’t delved into YouTube too much, so for now these videos will be hosted […]