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    The Missing W2

    Evening.  Last winter/early spring my Mom called me to say when she was out front gardening she found a W2 and didn’t know what to do with it.

    So I asked her, “what company?”

    My Mom replied, “Dupont”.

    “Oh I know somebody that works there, one of the guys I play soccer with.  I’ll give him a call and see if he knows him,” I said.

    So I spoke with Jeff, and a few minutes later I received a call from the owner of the W2.  He had no idea how it got in my Parent’s front flowerbed.  He said you can just destroy it.  I’m like you sure?  He said, “Well on second thought I’ll have my Wife pick it up on her way home, she works at Town Hall.”  I said, ” Ok no problem”.

    So his Wife comes and picks it up and was very, very grateful!

    ***** a year goes by*****

    Yesterday, I stopped by the Building Inspector’s office at Town Hall to ask a question about something.  I’m working with a guy there, and a lady comes over to assist.  She asks, “where do you live now? I tell her our address”  (now we are looking at the Erie County GIS areial map with the parcels overlaid).  She’s like, “wait, you are the one that found my husband’s W2 form!?”  I replied, “yup that’s me…”  She says, “We’ll help you out with anything you need, you saved my marriage (she was kidding of course).”.

    Just goes to show, that what goes around comes around.  You just never know!



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