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    The Myriad of Ideas Gift Store is here!

    Title: The Myriad of Ideas Gift Store is here!

    Date: 7/2/13



    Hope all is well.  I put together a gift store (powered by Amazon) to give you ideas for your significant other, babies, emergency preparedness, camping, Kindle, reading, etc.  If you don’t find something based on my suggestions, then you can simply search on either the right or left hand side.  Once in a while I will add special categories (seasonal, etc).

    Everything in the store is handled (powered) by Amazon.  I only know what was purchased.  I do not know who purchased the products.  I will also put up a special section that has the most commonly order products.

    The store is probably 80-90% complete, with a heavy weight to the baby and under 4 categories.


    Click here to go to the store, or the store is in the top menu (to the right).


    Have a great day!




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