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    To get you thinking

    Title: To get you thinking

    Date: 8/2/13



    Ever wonder if you knew somebody that could answer your question(s)?  Whether it be something about parenting, computers in general, computer applications (Excel/Access/Word, etc), camping, soccer, life in general, relationships, etc.

    I go about life, it seems, answering people’s questions.  May seem strange (and a deep thought).  Wait, my best friend used to call them “Deep Thoughts by Darren”.  Oh well!

    Meanwhile, the point of this blog post is to get you thinking about the answers to your questions.

    • Who do you reach out to?
    • What do you ask?
    • Where do you ask (phone/in person/text)?
    • When do you ask?
    • How do you go about asking?
    • Why – obvious!

    Not to sound too full of myself, but I have been called “the oracle”, “the man behind the curtain”, and “the go-to guy” at work (so I must know something, eh?).  Funny!  This does not work for soccer though, that’s where I would bring in the expert.  I do references too!  If I don’t know the answer myself, then I “wrack my brain” (or is it “rack my brain”)- [you get the point] to “find” the person that may know.

    This very well could be the entire premise of Myriad Of Ideas!  Whereas, the purpose of Myriad Of Ideas is “to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and opinions with the hopes of spurring a respectful discussion”.  Ironic to say the least!

    Look for the up and coming Google+ Hangouts that will help with a round-table discussion.  I am also looking for your questions, so I can help answer them.  If you wish to remain anonymous, that is ok too!

    Have a great night!






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