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    Top 10 Things not to post on social media

    Top 10 Things not to post on social media

    By: Darren Weinstock, MBA

    Date: 3/23/14


    Hello.  Hope all is well.  So we’ve all seen it, a post here or there that makes you go “What?”.  So here’s a quick Top 10 list that will make you think when you are using social media.  You may ask, what is social media?  Well it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.  Remember past/current/future employers do look at your social media presence!



    Disclaimer: I did not look up the topic of “Top 10 Things not to post on social media” on purpose.  I came up with this list on my own.


    1. How much you make.

    2. Your family history.

    3. Religion (negatively about other’s)

    4. How much the world is against you.

    5. Your old job, and how much you despised it.

    6. Your medical history.

    7. Your sex life

    8. Politics in the sense of how bad the “other side” is.

    9. Negative topics about your current/past job(s) .

    10. How much you hate your ex (boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) or In-Laws.



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