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    What do you think about today’s media coverage?


    Today’s podcast guest is Dan Meyer, our Technology and “Around Town” guru.  Please take a listen, as we discuss the Boston Bombing media coverage & the NFL Draft and how technology is both spreading both truth and falsehoods.  Dan has some good opinions, which you may or may not agree with.  But, I do agree with.  I also compare Journalism to my day job as a Marketing  Analyst.

    #BostonMarathonBombing #News Coverage #WGRZ #CNN #the future #media #sabres #draft


    Dan will be joining us every two weeks. So please send your questions/comments in!  Also, please share our podcast with your social media contacts. Or, reply with your comments. 🙂  <—- somebody once told me She heard smiley faces were unprofessional.  booo 🙂





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