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    What is this Page Like, Like, and Share thing with Facebook?

    Title: What is this Page Like, Like, and Share thing?

    Date: 9/24/2013



    Well I’ve been thinking about how to best show you a little bit about Facebook’s Page Likes, Likes (of posts), and Shares (of posts).  I started to go down the path of a Video Tutorial, however I think a quick Blog Post will do the trick.

    A Page Like is where you go to a Page and Like it.

    • What does this do?  Well it adds the posts to your News-feed.
    • Why would you do this?  If you are interested in an Organization’s causes, then it will keep you up to date with the posts.
    • How do you Like a Page?  Here we go…! Hang-on it won’t be too bad..!


    Search for Myriad of Ideas in the search area on Facebook (upper left side).

    Step1 - Find the page

    It should look like this:

    Step1a - Find the page

    Once you hit Enter on the Search area, you will get my Myriad Of Ideas Facebook Page.  This is where you “Like” the Page.  I liken it to an Organization’s page.  Could be a company, cause, charity, etc.  

    Step2 - Find the page

    The notes in the screenshot below show how a Facebook post from my Myriad Of Ideas’ page will look like.  From here is where you can then “Like” a post.  If you REALLY like it, then you can “Share” it with your friends or groups you are affiliated with on Facebook.  Sharing is important, because it allows for something to become Viral.  In other words, by Sharing you allow for more people to “see” the post.  

    Step3 - Like the Post and Share

    The screenshot below shows how a Shared post looks like.

    Step4 -Shared Post

    Lastly, there’s an alternative way to Share a Blog Post.  If you are already in my website (not Facebook page), then you can click on any one of the Social Media icons to “Share” a blog post.  This allows you do Share multiple times and avenues without having to find in one particular social media channel.

    Step5 - Alternative Sharing Method


    Thanks!  And if you need help, then please email me at info the at symbol myriadofideas dot com.

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