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    What is this world coming to?

    Title: What is this world coming to?

    Date: 7/16/13


    Evening.  I’ve  thought long and hard about writing something around this subject, so here we go.   For those that know me personally, I tend to let the thoughts flow after I let them simmer for a while. LOL.

    It really makes me wonder how people live with themselves when they steal, murder, take the easy way out, make very unsound decisions, etc.  Yeah people have bad luck, but you have to say to yourself sometimes “what the fuck were they thinking”.  Pardon my language, but it pisses me off when friends and family are affected.

    I think what set me off today, is that one of my best friend’s had his bike stolen in Los Angeles.  Yes, just a dirt or ramp bike and he’s 37 years old.  That has nothing to do with it.  The fact that he works his ass off to make a living and provide to his family, and some punk ass fool steals his property.  That is freaking annoying.

    Then you have my Mom’s Hamburg Beautification Committee, that she co-chairs.  They raise money to buy stone barrels and flowers to beautify the Village of Hamburg.  THEY ARE all Volunteers!  No taxpayer’s money is used.  Well over the past month or so, numerous barrels have been tipped over or the plants just ripped out and thrown in the street.   Again some punk ass fool(s) are doing this in the Village of Hamburg, let alone.  Once in broad date light.  But “nobody saw anything”.

    I can name numerous things that have gone on over the years, however this blog entry will just become a rant.  The point is, there is something seriously wrong with our society.  When did this all start?  Probably with the “oh you can’t spank your child” or “everybody must get a trophy”.  Screw that!  I don’t say beat your kid, but they must learn right from wrong.  Our kids must learn values.  Make your kid do yard-work!  Get dirty. Play a sport.  Join Scouts.  Understand why they are in trouble.  It starts with the Parents and their ability to teach their children what THEIR Parent’s taught them.  You talk to any adult over the age of 65 and they’ll tell you how things used to be.  Makes you wonder what happened, huh?  Unless we step in, there will be this vicious circle of kids with no values, poor education, no culture, etc.  It’s like a disease that eats away at them and ultimately our society.

    There’s my two cents for the night!

    Thanks for your time.






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