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    Will there be a time without cashiers?


    This idea came to me a couple years ago.  I’m not exactly sure of the steps that came to mind.  Whether it was when I was working on a “market basket” analysis (products that are bought together analysis) or just shopping in the supermarket.  But here it goes!

    I linked the UPC code (the barcodes on products) with the microchip (or the little plastic anti-theft device on clothes).  Basically all products will have these and you walk the shopping cart through a set of sensors.  Then you pay one cashier, or the senor detects & charges your credit card.  No more lines at the check-out!  No more human error!

    Yes, barcodes and cashiers are the norm!  However technology is getting so advanced that it is possible that someday you may see this.  Maybe not at the supermarket, but at the big ticket stores or technology stores.

    Just an idea! 😉


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