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    Well the weekend is coming to a close.  I thought about doing a video tutorial, but my Wife is using my office.  So we’re going to go with a Plan B.  A quick overview in a blog post.

    I’ve added a few new categories to the website.

    The new categories (along the top) are:

    • What’s New (where I am going to store this post)
    • Websites of Interest (a list of my Friend’s web sites or podcast guest’s sites)  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a guest on my podcast!  I’m always looking for interesting topics!
    • Contact me (a easy way to get a hold of me!  I check my email regularly!)

    Last, but not least, I have added 2 new Widgets along the right hand side to help support the site.  When click on the Widget to shop, iTunes, apples App store or set up your own site with Go you will support Myriad Of Ideas at no cost to you.

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