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    Your Smartphone is more than a phone and gaming device

    Title: Your Smartphone is more than a phone and gaming device

    Subtitle: The Smartphone is the proverbial “Swiss Army” knife of electronics.

    Date: 7/28/2013


    Hello.  Hope all is well.  You know they say the best ideas come to you when you are in the shower.  Well yep! that’s where this one came from.  I was wondering what I was going to post next on Myriad Of Ideas, as I’ve been sorta slacking at posting lately.

    As I was listening to my Smartphone’s TuneIn Radio application, it dawned on me that a post talking about how I basically use my Android Smartphone would be interesting.  I use it for everything from managing this website, to driving directions, to managing my shopping list, to buying books, watching television, and yes playing games.

    All the hyperlinks on this post will bring you to Google Play where you can install the app on your phone.  Sorry Apple users, you’ll have to go to your Apple Store and search.  The good thing is, is that many of the Apps that I reference here are also there!

    There a really cool app (-lication)  called “Share Apps” that allows you to share all your apps with others.  What novel name!  That is how I was able to share here (at end of post).  The following apps are on my “home” screen, where I use them all the time.  I have them grouped.  The Smartphone is the proverbial “Swiss Army” knife of electronics.


    First line of apps on my “home screen”

    Advanced Task Killer free, allows me to kill off apps that are slowing down my phone.  Nothing irks me more than waiting for the phone to respond.  Makes me want to skip it like a stone.  I have it set to kill unused apps every 30 mins.

    The next app is the shopping list app called Grocery IQ.  This app is awesome!  Sign up is free, and you get to sync between mobile devices and your desktop (via the “Cloud”).  My Wife and I use this all the time to get our shopping done.  Note that is is not just grocery shopping!  I have a BJs, hardware store, pharmacy, and Target/Walmart lists, too.

    The next app is a Google Keep.  Yes I am getting old and forgetful!  This is a post-it note like app that allows you to record your notes, voice clip, or picture.  It syncs to your Google Drive too!  We’ll talk about Google Drive later.

    The last app is a bunch of Angry Birds grouped into an icon.  This is where Candy Crush resided before I quit that addictive habit.  No explanation necessary for Angry Birds and Crush.

    Second line of apps on my “home screen”

    Adam Carolla’s app to his podcast.  I highly recommend listening to Adam Carolla podcasting app.  Adam and Dr. Drew starred on Love Line for years.  There are more than one series of podcasts under this app.

    Next up are my general (not often used) social media apps.  These include Tublr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumblUpon.  I have them here for quick access, but like I said I don’t frequent them.

    Next is the great game WWF (Words with Friends).  If you haven’t played this game, you should!  It’s basically Scrabble with your Facebook friends.

    The last app of this line of apps are my browswers.  I have the default one that came with my phone, FireFox, and Chrome.  No real explanation needed here.


    The third, and last line of apps of my “home screen”

    The following apps are my most used.  You may wonder why they are on the bottom of the screen.  Well that’s where my thumbs get to them the easiest!   No pointing with my index finger!  Sorry I had to put that link in there… ha ha.

    The first group of apps are my “radio” or audio apps.  I have Google’s Play Music, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Google Reader, and WGR Radio.  The Play Music apps is great!  Basically you can sync your entire mp3 collection (aka cd collection) to the “cloud” and listen anywhere!  This acts as a backup too!

    The next two groups of apps deal with Marketing Sachet and Myriad Of Ideas.

    I have the following apps:

    • Google Analytics– to follow my web metrics
    • WordPress – to post to my websites
    • MailChimp – to track my Email campaigns
    • Collaboration
      • Google Drive – to collaborate and store my documents. This is where the Google Keep saves to.
      • SharePlus Lite – I use this to collaborate and store with SharePoint
    • Instant Messaging
    • Social Media
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • Facebook Pages Manager – this is highly recommended if you have a Facebook page for your business or cause!  I wasn’t aware of it until recently.

    And last, but not least the Facebook application.  We all have that app, right?


    Other apps I have on my Smartphone, but have not listed on my “home” screen are:

    • Amazon
    • Ebay
    • Flashlight
    • FlightAware
    • Google Earth
    • Google MyTracks
    • Google Sky
    • SlingPlayer – So I can watch my hockey games, or other TV when I’m traveling.
    • S.O.S. by the American Red Cross – medical and first aid info
    • WeatherBug


    So all in all, you can turn your Smartphone into an all encompassing device.  Have a question you can’t figure out, go Google it.  Wonder where you are, bring up Google Maps.  Wonder what the weather report is, go to WeatherBug.  Bored with somebody’s conference call, bring up Words With Friends (just kidding)!  The Smartphone is the proverbial “Swiss Army” knife of electronics.

    I know there is a ton here to download, but it’s 2013 and the technology is here (95% of it’s free).  If you have questions, then please feel to reach out to me.  We can do a WebEx or for free!






    Below is a copy paste from my ShareApps app, all 97 apps on my Android Smartphone.

    Adam Carolla – Official App

    Adobe AIR

    Adobe Flash Player 11.1

    Adobe Reader

    Advanced Task Killer Free


    Amazon Kindle


    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    ASTRO File Manager

    Baby Flash Cards

    Betty Crocker® Cookbook



    Candy Crush Saga

    Certify Wallet


    Chrome to Phone



    Countdown Timer

    Documents To Go





    FiOS Remote

    FiOS Voice




    Go Daddy Mobile

    Google Play Books

    Google Play Magazines

    Google Play Movies & TV

    Google Play Music

    Google Play services

    Google Play Store

    Google Reader

    Google Search

    Google Sky Map


    Grocery iQ


    Hi-Q MP3 Rec (Free)


    iPP Podcast Player


    Koi Free


    Lync 2013

    Madden NFL 12



    Media Manager



    My Account

    My Tracks

    My Verizon Mobile


    NFL Mobile

    Office Talk Free


    Pages Manager



    Samsung Remote

    Share Apps









    TuneIn Radio


    Verizon FiOS

    Verizon Tones

    Verizon Video

    Verizon WiFi Auto-On

    Voice Commands





    Words Free




    Share Apps




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